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    Navigating the Journey: Key Milestones in Infant Developmental Feeding Skills

    Navigating the Journey: Key Milestones in Infant Developmental Feeding Skills

    Understanding the stages of infant developmental feeding skills is crucial for parents to track their child’s progress and provide appropriate support. This quick guide provides insights into what should be happening at each stage of feeding and swallowing development, taking into account the ‘adjusted age’ for premature infants.


    Birth to 3 Months:


    • Able to suck, swallow, and breathe while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.
    • Moves tongue back and forth to suck.
    • Brings hands to the mouth.
    • May fuss or cry when hungry.
    • Tolerates tummy time.

    4 to 6 Months:

    • Rooting and tongue thrust reflex begin to disappear.
    • Begins to understand how to use a spoon with adult assistance.
    • Uses tongue to eat purees.
    • Develops good head control but still needs help to sit.
    • Smiles and coos.
    • Moves head toward the spoon.
    • May fuss or cry when hungry.

    5 to 9 Months:

    • Begins to control food in the mouth.
    • Can drink small amounts from a cup or straw.
    • Introduction to solids around this time.
    • Begins to sit without help.
    • Follows food with eyes.
    • Transfers foods from one hand to the other.
    • Reaches for spoon or food.
    • Begins to self-feed.
    • Points to food.

    8 to 11 Months:

    • Beginning to chew food.
    • Drinks more liquids from a cup and straw.
    • Feeds herself finger foods.
    • Picks up items to explore.
    • Moves food side to side in the mouth.
    • Gets excited to eat.
    • Able to crawl.

    As your infant progresses through these developmental stages, it’s important to remember that each child is unique. Pay attention to their cues, celebrate achievements, and seek guidance if you have concerns. At Little Eaters and Talkers, our team is here to support you and your child’s journey, ensuring that developmental feeding skills are nurtured and celebrated at every milestone.

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