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    Specialized Solutions for Your Child's Feeding and Speech Development

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    At Little Eaters and Talkers, we recognize that every child’s journey to mastering eating and speech is unique, filled with its own set of challenges. From difficulties with bottle-feeding to the complex transition to solid foods, our compassionate team is dedicated to transforming these challenges into milestones. Our approach goes beyond traditional methods, addressing not just the symptoms but the underlying causes of feeding and speech difficulties.

    Difficulty with Bottle-Feeding

    Some babies struggle with bottle-feeding, which can be stressful for both the infant and the parents. 

    Tongue Tie Complications

    Tongue ties can restrict a baby’s tongue movement, impacting feeding and speech development.

    Oral Aversion

    Oral aversion is a condition where children resist or are fearful of eating due to sensory discomfort.

    Introduction to Solids

    Transitioning to solid foods is a significant milestone that can be challenging for some children.

    Picky Eating Habits

    Selective eating in children can limit their dietary variety, affecting their nutritional intake.

    Challenges in Weight Gain

    Adequate weight gain is a sign of healthy development, but some infants face challenges in gaining weight.

    Tethered Oral Ties (TOTs)

    Evaluation and therapy for infants, toddlers, and children with suspected tethered oral ties (tongue, lip, buccal ties).

    A functional assessment should be conducted prior to releasing a tethered oral tissue and will assist in making the decision to pursue a release for your child. This will also assist in providing baseline level of skills, assess progress after the release, assist in education for post-op activities, and prepare the client for intraoral stimulation.

    Infant Feeding & Swallowing Care

    Nurturing Healthy Beginnings

    Evaluation & Therapy: At Little Eaters and Talkers, we specialize in expert evaluations and personalized therapy for your infant’s feeding and swallowing development. Our dedicated team conducts thorough assessments to understand your baby’s unique needs, followed by tailored therapy sessions designed to enhance their comfort, coordination, and overall feeding skills. Trust us to guide you through this critical stage, ensuring a positive and healthy start for your little one.

    Transitional Feeders & Toddlers Feeding Support

    Navigating Milestones Together”

    Evaluation & Therapy: Little Eaters and Talkers offers specialized Feeding & Swallowing Evaluations and treatments tailored for Transitional Feeders (4/6 months – 12 months) and Toddlers (approximately 3/4 years old). Our team conducts comprehensive assessments to understand your child’s unique needs, followed by personalized therapy sessions crafted to enhance their feeding and swallowing skills. Join us in navigating these crucial milestones, ensuring a positive and enjoyable feeding journey for your growing child.

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